WANT TO LOOK - Look 10 Years Younger - With our Photo-Rejuvenation Treatments - IPL Photorejuvenation for the following:  Anti-Ageing Photo Rejuvenation - Superficial Vascular Lesions - Pigmentation Issues - Active Acne
Acne/Rosacea - Age Spots - Sun Spots - Reduction of Fine Line and Wrinkles - Sun-Damaged Skin

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Ultimate 5 treatments in one - Spring Clean and Anri-Ageing treatment for the face & neck for a younger, smoother looking skin - Also treats Acne, Acne Scars,  and Stretch Marks.

TREATMENTS FOR MEN & WOMEN - Do you want to remove FAT from any AREAS of your CHOICE with no pain & no needles? - The NEW Non-surgical inch-loss, body contouring and skin tightening treatment for face, neck and body areas - Are you fighting stubborn areas of fat on your stomach, back, buttocks, hips, arms or thighs that seem resistant against all your efforts to lose it? - Non-surgical Liposuction for a safe, advanced and truly effective solution for non-surgical FAT DESTRUCTION, Skin Tightening & Body Shaping & Cellulite Treatments. For all skin types and body areas - Where unwanted fat is stored 

HAIR FREE - These treatments are specifically designed to eliminate undesired hair from all parts of the body. Unlike many other treatment methods. Laser Hair Removal leaves your skin looking and feeling smoother and softer!

Intense Pulsed Light and laser treatments use light energy that is directed into the skin This use of light is called photothermolysis.

Photo means light, thermo means heat and lysis means to dissolve. This is the most important feature of these treatments.

These types of treatments are used to remove hair, spider veins, blotches, and other skin defects.

These treatments are most commonly used for the highly successful removal of facial and body hair. Book a FREE consultation and or 'Patch Test' Today.

The Celebrity Treatment - Skin Retraction - Radio Frequency Skin Lifting & Tightening - For the Face, Chin, Neck & Jawline areas. Sagging skin on the neck, and face along with wrinkles are common problems associated with ageing. This is mainly due to the decreasing amount of collagen production as skin loses its quality. (RF) stimulates collagen the production of collagen and strengthens the skin structure - Results are skin lifting and tightening of the whole face & neck areas.

The Celebrity Treatment - DERMA-ROLLER The Celebrities Favourite. Roll away the years
Many Hollywood stars are having Derma-roller treatment to achieve a younger looking, glowing skin. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Anderson
reportedly uses Derma-roller Therapy to give her skin a fresh faced, natural look. Also Angelina Jolie, received Derma-roller Therapy after being introduced to it by husband Brad Pitt, who is himself thought to have undergone a series of treatments to combat acne scars - Derma-Roller for Face, Neck & Body Areas

SAYING goodbye to lines and wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation, acne scars and stretch marks is easier than ever, thanks to an exciting

non-surgical skin regeneration procedure called Derma-roller Therapy. The treatment uses tiny micro-medical needles on the skin encouraging your own COLLAGEN regeneration and repair, leaving you with smoother, brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin - Dermarolling is a safe, simple and pain-free treatment (used with skin numbing cream) which is a very popular treatment in our Clinic for all ages - Great for reducing acne scars too.

Now fighting Acne is no longer a losing battle – IPL effectively clears inflammatory lesions IPL Treatment for Acne - Many people have facial scars and blemishes that they would like to reduce. Intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments can provide an effective acne scar treatment, as well as being a solution to scarring due to injuries. People find current treatment options ineffective and others develop problematic side effects. Additionally, the cost and duration of acne treatment with topical medications and oral antibiotics make standard therapy far from ideal.

About Acne - Acne is one of the most common, yet the hardest skin problem to clear. Regardless of skin type or lifestyle, approximately 70%

of the population will suffer from acne at some point in their lives. Acne is common in both teens and adults.

Acne Solutions - Now, you can clear mild to moderate inflammatory acne without side effects, discomfort, photo-sensitivity or downtime. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments utilise a high intensity enhance light source to penetrate through the tissue to destroy acne bacteria quickly and easily – with no side effects, no pain, and without the exposure to antibiotics. Typically, just 6 -10 treatments (depending on the severity of acne) will greatly improve the appearance of skin as well as evening out the skin tone and producing collagen.

CELLULITE - THE EASY WAY TO IMPROVE YOUR BODY SHAPEAll women are subject to cellulite sometime in their life and the problem can become worse with time. We have a variety of treatments to help cellulite and fat reduction that breaks down fat cells to reshape the body by toning and firming all areas on the body especially problem areas of cellulite - such as back, stomach, buttocks, hips and thighs - Resulting in a smoother slimmer more refined figure without surgery - Call us to book a FREE consultation